Webinar on NEP-2020: Opportunities & Challenges

NEP -2020 introduced by the Government of India will bring revolutionary changes in Higher Education. It provides equal opportunity to all sections of society. There is a paradigm shift in the education system which exists presently. NEP 2020 is student Centric. He will learn the different contents based on his liking, not on the option given in the College. Students will select two core subjects as well as the language.  There are elective papers that will strengthen his academics to face the challenges in life. After two semesters students can stop their education due to some reasons, and they will get the Certificate. At the end of four semesters, if a student leaves, the diploma certificate will be given. After three years, i.e. at the end of 6 semesters, a Graduation degree will be provided. If a student studies for four years, honors will be given. Post-graduation can also be done in one-year mode after an honors degree. The resource person Dr. Karunakar Kotegar enumerated the Challenges and hurdles, also the opportunities of NEP 2020.

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