Sports Committee

Ø The College is well known not only for its excellent record in the academic activities but also for the magnificent performance in the sports and games fields.

Ø  In addition to the extensive and well maintained 400 mtr track sports field, the College has fields for Hockey, Football, and Cricket, courts for Volleyball, Tennis, Kabaddi, Badminton, Basket Ball, Throw Ball and Kho-Kho.

Ø Facilities for the in-door games like Table Tennis, Chess and Carom are available in the Hostels.

Ø Good collection of sports and games equipment that serve the need of the internal sports personnel as well as needy public.

Ø Organize intra-college competitions at the college level. Assist and encourage the students to participate actively in organizing and conducting various sports and games both indoor and outdoor in the college.

Ø Maintain records of sports and games events attended by students within the college, within the university and outside at the region/state /national level and their achievements/ awards.

Ø Submit annual report on the sports/ events and budget allocations & spent during the year.

Ø Coordinate with the management in Obtaining permission to hold sports events in the college campus.

Ø  Recommending students to participate in the intra or inter-college events. Submitting the information regarding students who have taken part in sports event.    

Sports Advisory Committee
Rev Dr Antony Prakash Monteiro
Elias Pinto
Norbert Mascarenhas
Fr Ashok Rayan Crasta
Bharathi S Rai
Prashanth Rai
Lt Johnson David Sequeira
Dhanya P T
Thejaswi Bhat K
Assistant Professor
Mr John Monteiro
Student Representative1
Kiran - Sports Secretary
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