Instrumentation Center for Science Education, Analysis and Research in Physics

Funding Agency:  Vision Group on Science and Technology (VGST), Department of IT, BT and Science and Technology, Govt. of Karnataka

Funding Scheme:  Centers of Innovative Science Engineering and Education (CISEEE) 2018-19

Ref No.:

Sanctioned Amount: Rs. 30,00,000

Principal Investigator: Dr A P Radhakrishna

Associate Professor & HOD of Physics

Project Summary:

The department of Physics working on lab to land theme, to facilitate scientific breakthroughs to reach common man. The faculty members of the department are very eagerly working towards developing skills with modern teaching tools for quality education. There is a need of sophisticated modern tools for more comprehensive achievement. A knowledge-centered, learner-centered classroom allows students to construct better understanding of science concepts and the nature of science.

Multidisciplinary research is a key to producing scientific breakthroughs. At present the Physics department is actively engaged in research areas like Radiation Physics, Medicinal Bio-Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Theoretical Nuclear and Particle Physics. In collaboration with the research centers like CARRT, USIC and CARER of Mangalore University, teachers of the department actively involved in research activities. With these expert and interest, the present project “Instrumentation Center for Science Education, Analysis and Research in Physics” has been envisaged to reach the common man and Society through various meaningful activities which ultimately beneficial for the knowledge seekers in the region.

Objectives of the Project:

Objectives of the Project:

  • To integrate teaching and education along with research in interdisciplinary fields of Physics to nurture curiosity and creativity among students.

  • To develop Science Education tools and packages for investigative research.

  • To establish special lab for content generation and skill development with sophisticated infrastructure.

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