Humanities Association

With an objective to enrich the students related to the Humanities, the Humanity Association was established. It conducts various activities enrich the students on various Humanity values.

Role and Functions:

  • Preparing the Annual Action plan and organizing the activities as scheduled.

  • Provide the mechanism through which the students learn the ways of social living.

  • Creating the mutual awareness, dependence and co-operation among students with community.

  • Sensitizing the students into social – economic issues. 

  • Enthuse the students to take up the proactive role in societal issues.

  • Imparting a system of communication in a meaningful and enriched manner.

Humanities Association
Norbert Mascarenhas
Head, Department of History
Associate Professor
Vasudeva N
Assistant Professor
Student Representatives
Unais-III BA
Haasini Singh-III BA

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