Light and Matter Physics Research Laboratory

The Light and Matter Physics Research is concerned with the interaction of light and matter and to explore the characteristic properties of the material under study; so that the material can be used for different possible applications. The field of study includes crystals and non-linear optics, thin films, polymer, nanoparticles, ceramics, glasses etc. This center has been established in the year 2018.  At present 02 people are working on various projects in Non-linear Optics and Optoelectronics. The on going project and the research laboratory is funded by VGST (Vision Group on Science and Technology), Government of Karnataka and is awarded to Dr. E. Deepak D’silva (Sanction No. RGS/F GRD No. 688).


The instruments were established in condensed matter physics lab as follows:

  • Spin coating (HOLMARC make)  and Chemical bath deposition for the preparation of nanoparticles and thin films.

The Fume Exhaust hood provides  proper exhaust of harmful fumes and vapours produced during chemical reaction out of the laboratory. It also helps in managing dust free area for sample synthesis.

Abbey Refractometer is useful to find the refractive index of the solutions.

  • Other instruments available in the laboratory are pH meter, Magnetic Stirrer(with and without heater) and Hot air Oven

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