Commerce Association

The objective of the Association is to organize the various programs and activities related to the Commerce.

Roles and Functions

  • To organize Guest Lectures, seminars, workshops, and symposia related to Trade and Commerce.

  • To organize the activities related to Commerce and industry.

  • To create awareness bout issues and challenges in the current business and industries.

  • Interaction of students with business, trade and experts of industry.

  • To provide a platform for the students to exhibit their talents in various commerce-oriented events

  • To enhance enhance analytical and decision-making skills, the leadership quality.

Commerce Association
Thejaswi Bhat K
Assistant Professor
Dhanya P T
Assistant Professor
Jeslin D’Cunha
Assistant Professor
Students Representatives
Rithesh Rai III BCOM A
Vaishnavi III BCOM A
Joint secretary

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