Bachelor of Computer Applications


  • To teach students how to apply the principles of computer science, mathematics and scientific investigation to solve real-world problems appropriate to the discipline.

  • To teach students lifelong learning skills, which will allow them to successfully adapt to evolving technologies throughout their professional careers.

  • To prepare students for employment and advanced studies, and provide them with significant experiences in complex software development for real-world problems.

  • To teach students effective teamwork, communication and interpersonal skills that enable them to work with others effectively in their professional careers.

  • To prepare students to function ethically and responsibly, and to be conscious of ethical, social, global, legal, security and professional issues related to computing.


To empower students to be technically competent, innovative, self-motivated, and responsible citizens with human values, and to contribute significantly in providing global standard education through a conducive teaching & learning environment that responds quickly to the challenges of an ever-changing techno-world.


  • Provide cutting-edge technology and advanced laboratory courses to students, create an environment where they may become progressive learners, industry- ready professionals, and entrepreneurs.

  • Offer high-quality experiential learning through effective pedagogies to gain knowledge in current software tools and to meet the industry's real-time needs.

  • Instil problem-solving & team-building abilities and professional skills, as well as a sense of societal and ethical duties, to encourage lifelong learning.

  • Improve the industry-academia interaction, allowing students to emerge as academic leaders or as inspiring revolutionaries in entrepreneurship.

Assistant Professor
M.Sc. (IT)
Ph.D. (registered)
Teaching from 14 Years!
With us from 14 Years!
Varija M
Assistant Professor
M.Sc. (Physics)
M.Sc. (IT)
Teaching from 24 Years!
With us from 24 Years!
Geetha Poornima K
Assistant Professor
M.Sc. (Computer Science)
Ph.D. (registered)
Teaching from 22 Years!
With us from 22 Years!
Rajeshwari M
Assistant Professor
M.Sc. (IS)
Teaching from 19 Years!
With us from 19 Years!
Assistant Professor
M.Sc. (Computer Science)
Teaching from 16 Years!
With us from 16 Years!
Khalandar Shareef
Assistant Professor
Teaching from 14 Years!
With us from 14 Years!
Prajwal Rao
Asst. Professor
Teaching from 4 Years!
Started with us this year!
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