Yakshakalakendra-Centre for Studies in Indian Classical and Folk Art

Yaksha-Kalakendra was inaugurated by Rev Dr Antony Prakash Monteiro, Chairman Center for PG Studies and Research on 23-08-2014.

The prime objective of the Centre:

  1. To develop a deeper appreciation of the distinct characteristics of Indian culture.

  2. To gain broader understanding of Indian culture, heritage and to make positive contribution towards fine and performing arts.

  3. To develop a greater awareness of the ways the youth of today can prepare themselves for making positive contribution towards the Indian art and culture.

  4. To encourage folk and tribal art forms.


Yaksha-Kalakendra pioneered unique programme called “Yaksha Patya Gayana”.

Certificate course on Yakshagana operatic theatre art “Yakshamrutha” has been introduced.

Philo “Yakshavahini” , series of Yakshagana performed at different parts of the districts by the members of the Yaksha-Kalakendra..


Yakshagana Thalamaddale series “Philo Yaksha Samvaada” was inaugurated By Rev Dr Antony Prakash Monteiro, Principal Prof Leo Noronha presided over the programme. Under this project, to explore the Yakshagana literature, series of Yakshagana Thalamaddale programme has been performed.

Under this project, every month there will be Thalamaddale programme and it will be live streamed in the official page of the college.

Yaksha-Kalakendra has made rapid strides scoring high in many aspects which any institution can legitimately be proud of.

The Yaksha-Kalakendra’s aim is to develop ways and means by which basic cultural, aesthetic values and perceptions remain active and vibrant among people.


Composition of Yakshakalakendra Committee (2022-2023)
Prashanth Rai
Assistant Professor
Student Representative
Maithri Bhat-II M.Sc

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