Certificate Courses

Add on/Certificate programs will enhance the quality of the program studied by students and that will also increase student’s skill. 

Roles and Functions

  • The Committee suggests the prospective subjects that can be introduced.

  • Organizing the guest lectures/seminars on certificate programs related.

  • To see that the programs are being conducted systematically.

  • Finalizing the dates of the examination related to Certificate programs

  • Helping the Departments/ units in conduct of the Certificate program.

Diploma / Certificate Courses:

The College offers the following Diploma / Certificate courses to add value to the general education. Students are advised to enroll in at least one in each semester for 2 years

Certificate Courses 2022-23
1 Uipath - RPA CSCC2201
2 Marketing Research BBACC106
3 Communicative English through Digital English Language Lab [DELL] ENGCC102
4 Creative Writing KANC102
5 Basic Electronics and Circuit Fabrication PHCE22
6 Hindi Typing HINCC102
7 Sanskrit Language Basics Learning Programme SANCC101
8 Rural Marketing BAECO501
9 Gender Studies BASCC 106(105)
10 Effective Business Communication BCMCC102
11 Historical Method BASHCC 111
12 Chemistry for Beginners CCCA01
13 Mushroom Cultivation Technology CCMCTT101
14 Vermitechnology CCVTT101
15 Yakshamritha CFY2021
16 Consultant Network Security MSCCC301
17 MikTex PHYCC01
18 Research Methodology MCMCC101
19 Personal and Professional Development MSWCC101
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