Research and Development

  • To develop desired awareness regarding research among the faculty members of St Philomena College.

  • To establish the scientific temper through various research initiatives and programs.

  • To establish Research Centers in different disciplines with an emphasis on socially relevant topics.

  • To encourage faculty members to publish qualitative research papers and undertake various research projects of social and academic importance.

  • To publish a research journal, thereby providing a platform for faculty, researchers, and academicians at the college, as well as those from academia across the country.

  • To create awareness in the society through various research initiatives and by giving due publicity to the socially useful research projects that will be undertaken by the College.

  • To establish ethics in their research work and avoid plagiarism while publishing the research papers.

  • To develop, monitor, and review the College's strategic plans for research.

  • To monitor the implementation of the Research Strategy and to evaluate its impact.

  • Provide advice and policy direction on research-related issues in general practice.

  • Support the strengthening of a culture of research in general and assist in the development of research capacity, including academic career opportunities.

  • Work with other College committees to identify their research needs and facilitate their achievement.

  • Work with research and training organizations to increase engagement of research activities.

  • To develop and implement the Research Strategy, in accordance with the proper planning.

  • To oversee and review the progress being made against the Research Strategy program plans through Research Proposal Screening Committee (RPSC).

  • To allocate the seed money on the recommendations of RPSC, if necessary.

  • To oversee the development of policies necessary for the responsible conduct of research and to monitor their implementation.

  • As and when the need arises the meeting of the research expert committee is called to discuss the issues related to research policy, internship, research proposals, ongoing research, research journal (PEARL), etc.

  • To actively consider Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion in all decisions made, and, where appropriate, take positive action to ensure that those with protected characteristics or care responsibilities are equally able to participate in activities and initiatives.

R & D Cell
Name Role Name of the Dept Email
Rev Dr Antony Prakash Monteiro Principal Physics [email protected]
Dr A P Radhakrishna Vice-Principal Physics [email protected]
Dr K Malini Member IQAC Co-ordinator Chemistry [email protected]
Dr Vijay Kumar M Member Vice Principal Kannada [email protected]
Vipin Naik N S Member Coordinator Physics [email protected]
Dr Dimple Jenifer Fernandes Member Head Hindi [email protected]

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