Anti Ragging

Ø    Ensures that at least one faculty member will be present at any particular time at all the locations to avoid ragging activities.

Ø    Canvases about anti-ragging in the forms of Flexes, Posters and Boards in college premises and surrounding areas where there is a chance of ragging.

Ø    Arranges counseling and guidance programs arranged for the fresher’s and parents regarding ragging.

Ø    Resolves the complaint received from the victim. Verifies the facts through enquiry. Awards disciplinary action against culprit.

Anti Ragging Committee
Norbert Mascarenhas
Dr K Chandrashekar
Bharathi S Rai
Student Representative1
President: Nithin H R
Student Representative1
Secretary: Abdul Razak
Student Representative1
Joint secretary: Sujhna S. Rai

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