Best Practices

Best Practices:

1.   Student voice- Active Participation of Student Council

2 Internal Quality Assurance Cell

Best Practice -I

1.0              Title-   Student voice- Active Participation of Student Council

1.1 Goal

·         To help the college authorities to organize various activities.

·         To create an environment most conducive for the academic and extra- curricular activities. 

·         To co-operate with the college management in the smooth running of the college.

·         To encourage the students to participate in various programs and competitions.

·         To bring out the latent talents of the students by means of competitive activities.

·         To help the students develop traits such as leadership, decision making, co-operation and compassion. 

1.2  The Context:

         The pioneers of St Philomena College introduced one of the good practices, ‘Student Council’, participatory leadership which has been focusing on students’ leadership quality and providing various opportunities. Student Council body helps to enrich the goal of the institution that might be considered as active as democratic government. It is often recorded its own building on the campus dedicated to organizational activities, representation and academic support of the membership. To agree with and give encouragement to this, St. Philomena College supports and gives a special focus on the involvement of the student council, which ensured the quality enhancement of both the sides. Thus we support to an outstanding activity which existed in our institution and strive hard to reach our goal.

1.3  The Practice:

Along with the guidance of welfare officers and head of the institution, the Student Council has special role to play in the fulfilment of the goal and objectives of the college. The Student Council consists of president, Secretary and Joint secretary. It is a Unique system to practice ‘Direct decision making while choosing leaders.

 For the election of the Student Council, nominations are called for; from among all the courses of III year students who have completed their lower examinations. For the post of president and Secretary any candidate can contest, whereas, Joint Secretary Post is reserved only for girl students.  Election Campaign is restricted only to banners, slogans, posters. Election is conducted under the strict norm of the college. After the declarations of the results, elected office bearers are felicitated by the head of the institution. Victory is also allowed to enjoy, jubilation, which is restricted to the college quadrangle and thereby all the contestants enjoy a healthy friendship.

1.4  Evidence of success:

Young people have the power to make a difference; to make this democratic consciousness; St Philomena The College strives hard to strengthen democratic values amongst the students.  One of the important impacts can be seen among our students is that; they are able to think nationally and even globally. Though their curriculum does  permit them the freedom to tailor their courses according to strengths and interests, still most of the students stay focused, prepared and capable of independent thinking.  The Students Council holds regular meeting and helps in maintaining discipline and cleanliness in the college campus.  The members of the Council take active part in organising various co curricular and extracurricular activities of the college.  College has already produced central and state ministers, MPs, MLAs and leaders at local level. Thereby it helped to contribute positively to the society. 

True meaning of education is being fulfilled by the active participation of Students Council and guidance and support of the institution. Overall personality development, intellectual, social, cultural and academic environment are being generated successfully.  Through Student Council, aim of the institution has come true; co-operation, harmony and dedication are considered as the focal aspects like liberty, equality and fraternity which are mentioned in the Preamble of Indian Constitution. Proud to Acknowledge  that our students are able to think diversely where they can understand the essence of nationalism, this would help them to get an idea of cosmopolitanism.

1.5  Problems encountered and resource required:

However, scarcity of funds continues to be a deterring factor in addressing the various issues crippling their aspirations to soar high. If resources, funds can be mobilized, it will pave way for a phenomenal growth of the institution to expand and sharpen its skill and to reach out more and more.

Best practice – II

2.0  Title:  Internal Quality Assurance Cell

2.1 Goal: IQAC is the central monitoring system of the institution & provides the enhancement of Quality in all spheres. The goal of IQAC is to achieve the academic excellence & administrative governance. The cell monitors the academic activity as well as it tries to reach the community through student centred activity.  For the purpose of effective and fruitful implementation of quality enhancement the cell guides to the various departments and different cells like student welfare, alumni and placement. Research expert committee, women cell anti ragging cell, anti women harassment cell etc. These committees and different departments prepares action plan. IQAC monitors the activities, receive compliance report. In case of any variation suggestive measures are guided by the IQAC.

2.2 The Context: To enhance the quality of institution IQAC coordinates meeting in connection with departments. IQAC asks every department to present the activities for the academic year. And give guidance for the following activities:

·         To facilitate smooth functioning of the Institution by forming various committees/ clubs/ Associations.

·         It guide, motivate and monitor the activities.

·         IQAC suggests the management about infrastructure development needed in the college.

·         It motivates faculties and students to conduct community outreach activities

2.3 The practice: Based on the action plan of the IQAC all the activities are conducted. IQAC is playing a considerable role in the institution. The IQAC consist of Chairperson, Coordinator, management representatives, faculty representatives, External Experts, Community representatives, Technical Staff, Administrative staff, Student representatives.

2.4 Evidence of success: Every department and all the committees working according to the action plan. IQAC collects the information about the various activities conducted by the Departments, Clubs and Associations. Each department is taken up the plan as challenge and striving hard to get result. The following are the outcomes of IQAC:

To enhance the teaching quality teachers are encouraged to undertake research minor/major, and participated seminars/ workshops/conferences, national/ international level.

·         Clubs and Associations are conducted number of activities guided by IQAC.

·         Extended reading facilities in the college campus.

·         Numbers of extension activities / outreach activities are being conducted by Departments, Clubs and Associations.

2.5 Problems encountered

·         As college is non-residential one and also large number of students are from remote rural areas. Any activity conducted should be before 4 pm which results in getting time for organizing programme by large number of clubs and associations.

·         Resource mobilization is also a major challenge as many students are from financially weaker sections.

·         IQAC has not much liberty to change the academic contents of the course as syllabus formed by board of studies of university.

2.6 The Resource required

·         IQAC has suggested the management to provide the financial assistance to conduct activities from funding agencies.  

·         Kindness, effort by individuals, appointment of eligible persons to facilitate better functioning.

·         Constant and regular motivation from the management and community.

·         To enhance the quality of the faculty and quality of the student’s regular motivation is needed.

·         Resources have been mobilized from Alumni Association, Parent Teacher Association and other well-wishers of the college.

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