SPAAC : Eyes on the Skies


The St Philomena Amateur Astronomy Club SPAAC is a group of astronomy enthusiasts with the common goal of educating society about the universe. Since the organization's founding in 2003, SPAAC has been successfully holding astronomy outreach activities and overnight stargazing programmes in and around the Puttur region. Along with having qualified faculty and top-notch equipment, our club has also been aggressively dispelling myths and prejudices some of the astronomical events, particularly in rural areas. The goal of SPAAC is to reach out to as many individuals as possible from all age groups while also breaking down geographical barriers.

The word Astronomy derives the Curiosity and interest in students and the public of all ages, to know the star-studded sky and Celestial phenomena such as eclipses, waxing and waning of the moon, occultation, blazing comets and meter shower etc., There are myths and ignorance shrouding   astronomical phenomena. 

To create the interest in students and the general public towards Astronomy and to propagate Science St.Philomena Amateur Astronomy Club came in to existence.

Objective :   

Bringing the Sky to Land - Kindle the interest in students and General Public towards Astronomy for Scientific and the  Rational Thinking.

Functioning :

·      Organizing Sky watch Programs

·      Conducting Guest Lectures

·      Organizing Workshop/Seminar

·      Conducting Astrophotography

·      Organizing the program during the special events such as Solar and Lunar Eclipses, Appearance of Comets, Planetary  occultation

 ·         Conducting Programs at School and Colleges – Science Popularization

·         Creating Astronomy related Audio-video Contents


Astronomers use telescopes because they are much better than our eyes. The College has a telescope of model Sky-Watcher HEQ5 Pro which is used for long exposure deep sky astrophotography. This Sky-Watcher computerized mount includes a user-friendly menu which allows the observer to automatically slew to 42,900+ celestial objects. The telescope is located in the Department of Physics and is extensively used by the Physics fraternity of the College and amateur astronomers of the Puttur along with the general public.


Astronomy Club
Dr A P Radhakrishna
Associate Professor
Dr K Chandrashekar
Associate Professor
Head, Dept of Physics
Vipin Naik N S
Assistant Professor
Abhishek Suvarna
Assistant Professor

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