Master of Social Work


To be a best department for higher education in social work, continuously in service to the society in the field of social welfare.


To educate and train the young knowledge seekers in social work and to make them asset for the society.

Objectives of the department:

  • To impart education and training in Professional Social work to those desirous of making a career in the fields of Social work.

  •   To provide inter-disciplinary collaboration for better understanding of human problems services and issues related to human development.

  •   To provide opportunities through intensive field practicum to work with variety of people in their development and provide service to those who are in need of it.

  •   To provide inter-disciplinary collaboration for better understanding of human problems, services and issues related to human development.

  •   To promote among students a sense of dedication and commitment for appropriate service to the cause of the poor, under privileged and disadvantaged sections of the society.

  •   To acquire knowledge and skills in undertaking practice- based research and to administer human service organizations.

Program Outcomes:

The students are enhanced in the field of professional Social Work by attaining the skills and competencies which are achieved through concurrent fieldwork practicum and practice based learning. Our students will be specialized in three different areas namely Human Resource, Medical & Psychiatric Social Work and Community Development through intensive learning process which involves group discussions, individual presentation, street play, theme based 4 mime shows, participatory rural appraisal task, team building activities, case study presentation, field work conferences, management games, group development activities and so on. Students are encouraged to organize need based programme independently and with collaboration of other reputed institutions and hospitals at their field work placement region which will in turn make them self reliant and confident to face the challenges in their near future. Students are also motivated to develop sense of dedication andcommitment towards rendering their professional help for the poor, underprivileged and disadvantaged sections of the society.

Program Specific Outcomes:

The MSW course outcomes are based on the social issues and concerns based on the overwhelming cultural and social realities in the real life work settings. Based on this premise pivotal importance is given to fieldwork practicum which accounts for about 40% of the time, which is earmarked for it. Social Work practices are based on liberalism, freedom, rule of law, human rights, and gender and child rights. This complex mechanism is used in contrast of social work practice in the field. The course outcomes are based on the methods of social work which is designated as hard core courses which builds the framework of Social Work practices. The students are required to have the ability to demonstrate advanced knowledge and field on the synergies of each Social Work methods to develop in them core social work competencies. Based on the foundation of basic skill component in Social Work, it is the component of specialization which falls under soft core courses. Students are required to select any one specialization- Community Development, MPSW and Human Resource Development. Besides specialization, the MSW course has elective papers based on student interest. These courses are based on building students gender sensitivity, interpersonal relationship, and community relationship building skills. These 3 tire system of instruction is based on the premises of building professionalism in Social Work practice. The course is designed that a student completing all the courses has to manage the fallout unlashed in social and community fault line which is bound to happen in their future career so that the future of society and social work practice is bound to resolve the crisis that communities are going through and should on the basis of liberalism and inclusiveness. There are four theory paper and one field work practicum for 1st and 4th semester and Five theory paper and one field work practicum 2nd and 3rd semester. The College/ Department offers three of the following specialization and the students can opt for any one among the offered specialization.

Eligibility criteria:

B.A, B.S.W., B. Sc., B. Com., B.B.A or any Bachelor Degree passed with minimum 45% marks in optional subject. (40% for SC/ST/ Category-I)

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