1. The motto of the Institution ‘Faith and Service’ is emblazoned atop its emblem and underneath it is imprinted ‘St Philomena College’.

  2. The heart of the emblem has a three-way partition, the ‘Holy-Cross’ figures prominently above all. The Cross is emblematic of sacrifice, patience, fortitude and love the divine message of Jesus Christ. It also indicates that it is a Christian Institution.

  3. The three segments delineate ‘Hard-Work’, ‘Purity’ & ‘Knowledge’.

  1. The left segment comprises the ‘boat in motion being stroked by a rower’. It also looks like a plough and bow & arrow. It betokens endeavor in the sojourn of life. The ‘ear of corn’ holds out abundance. To the student community the message factored in here is work hard in order that you taste success. To cruise the ocean of knowledge propelling the boat of education with studiousness as the propelling lever is required a constant effort.

  2. The ‘blooming lotus’ on the right segment epitomizes purity. It suggests that students should trump the evil, realize the best and strive to lead a life of purity.

  3. The ‘light’ in the southern segment symbolizes enlightenment where it is imperative that our life is a continuous journey towards light from darkness and education is a pivotal enabler.

    In Toto, our focus should be on ‘Hard Work’, ‘Purity’, and ‘Knowledge’.

The Patron - St Philomena

It is believed she was a Greek princess who became a virgin martyr and died at 13-years-old. Remains of a young lady were discovered in May 1802 at the Catacombs of Priscilla on the Via Salaria Nova with three tiles reading “Peace be to you, Philomena.”


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