Master of Commerce


To be an institute of academic excellence with total commitment to quality education in Commerce, management and related fields, with a holistic concern for better life,environment and society.


  • Empowering students with all the knowledge and guidance that they need to becomeworthy management professionals.

  • Providing for holistic and value based development of students which ultimatelyenhances their employability.


  • Impart the students with higher level knowledge and understanding of contemporary trends in commerce and business finance.

  • Equip the students to evaluate environmental factors that influence business operation with the conceptual requirements and skills on preparation and interpretation of financial statements.

  • Prepare the students to apply Statistical methods and proficient use of tools for modelling and analysis of business data.

  • Facilitate the students to apply capital budgeting techniques for investment decisions.

  • Prepare students to appraise the structure and operations of banking system.

  • Prepare the students for an in depth analysis of investment, portfolio management, investment banking and liquidation of investments .

  • Train the students on teamwork, lifelong learning and continuous professional development.

Programme outcomes:

  • Provide a strong foundation in different areas of Commerce and Management, so that the students can compete with their contemporaries and excel in the various careers in Commerce.

  • Ability to work in teams with enhanced communication and inter-personal skills.

  • Identify, analyze and solve business problems.

  • To develop an analytical ability to plan for various marketing strategy.

  • Demonstrate skills for lifelong learning.

  • This gives practical exposure in the Project work, knowledge which will equip the students in Research work.

  • Understand and use information technology tools, techniques and resources.

  • Acquire knowledge, skills and attitude to become more suitable for self employment and the emerging employment market.

  • Inculcate ethical values, team work, leadership and managerial skills.

  • Use critical reasoning to evaluate information.

  • Ability to start entrepreneurial activities.

  • Make use of quantitative skills necessary for analysis and critical reasoning.

  • Express ideas clearly and logically in oral and written formats

  • Communicate effectively and to understand inter-disciplinary expressions.

  • Use opportunities for continuing professional education to enhance their professional development.

Programme Specific outcomes:

  • Acquire strong subject-matter expertise in finance, financial instruments and Taxation.

  • Master a body of knowledge in one area of specialization within the discipline of commerce.

  • The students will be ready for employment in functional areas like Accounting, Taxation, Banking, Insurance and Corporate Law.

  • Students will exhibit inclination towards pursuing professional courses such as CA/CS/CMA, etc.

  • On successful completion of this course the students should have the Practical knowledge and its tactics in the marketing.

  • On successful completion of this course the students are enabled with the knowledge in the practical applications of accounting.

  • The students acquires the knowledge of Demand forecasting in sales Management, Price fixing, market competitors, management and business economically.

  • The students acquires the knowledge about the Foreign trade,Foreign exchange, etc

  • Crack lectureship and fellowship exams approved by UGC like NET/KSET. MSc.

  • After the successful completion of the course the student should have a thorough knowledge on the accounting practice prevailing in the Corporate.

  • Apply basic mathematical and statistical skills necessary for analysis of range of problems in accounting, marketing, management and finance.

Harshith R
Coordinator- M.Com
Assistant Professor
M.Com (Finance)
Teaching from 8 Years
With us from 8 Years
Pruthvi K
Assistant Professor
M.Com (Taxation)
Teaching from 2 Years
With us from 2 Years
Shravya N K
Assistant Professor
Teaching from 1 year
With us from 1 year
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