E-Governance Policy


E-governance policy of the institution is for the purpose of enhancing the system of governance for development of institute through new and advanced technologies. It aims at planning and enabling any infrastructure for the deployment of cutting-edge applications and deployment of solutions for seamless administration of the institute. 


To improve the system of governance for all-round development of the institute with the use of advanced technologies.


Deploy new solutions and ideas in various areas of the Institute for indefectible data access enabling for better decision making.


·                Implementation of E-governance in effective functioning of the institution.

·                Reduce the usage of paper in administration of the institution.

·                To improve transparency and accountability.

·         Providing online internal and external communication between various executive bodies of the institution.

·                Facilitate easy access to the information and to maintain the data on a secure environment.

·                To implement automation in library facility.

·                Making the institution visible to the stakeholders globally by the use of digital media.

·             To provide E-facilities to students, parents and teachers in various activities relating to the institution.


In order to provide simpler, creative and efficient system of governance within the institution, it is decided to adopt and implement e-governance in maximum activities of our areas of functioning.

For convenience purposes, the policy is divided into various areas of operation.

·                Website

·                Student Admission

·                Examinations

·                Finance & Accounts

·                Library

·                Payment Systems

·                Android Application

·                Social Media

·                Alumni

Areas of Implementation:

  • Website: The website is the official mouthpiece of the institution.  Website shows the college activities and information about all activities, important notices etc.  The website of the college to be continuously updated taking into account the new changes. Website is hosted and deployed by a third party on a secure platform. Along with it, training should be given to the existing staff.

  • Student admission: Institution to process admissions for programs, hostel, etc. using a Suitable ERP Solution. Students also must be able to obtain transfer certificates, Bonafide certificates, etc. on an online mode.

  • Internal & External Examinations: As per the directions of the University, it is mandatory to fill examination applications, revaluation applications, obtaining hall tickets, uploading of marks, etc. everything in online mode. Regular updates of Students Internal Performance to be maintained and communicated to the parents. Institution to manage student academics using a suitable ERP Solution with Real time communication to parents with respect to Student Progress.

  • Communication: Regular updates to be communicated with respect to students on Fees, examinations, holidays, PTA meetings & other academic matters.

  • Finance & Accounts: For ease of maintaining accounts & Finance suitable Accounting & Finance Software package to be implemented.

  • Library: Entire Library System with respect to Issue and Reference to be automated.    Staff & Students to access the library resource in & outside the campus through e-mode.. Access to e-journals & e- resources to be provided.

  • Payments: Parents and Students to make payments using net banking, Debit/Credit Card & other UPI Platforms.

  • Social Media :Social media will be used as an important communication tool to give wide publicity about the activities of the institution. Important information & achievements will be posted in the Social Media.

  • Alumni :

    Alumni are important stakeholders of our institution. A window will be created in official website exclusively for alumni related activities.

Conclusion:E-governance is the necessity of the day. The institution strives to achieve excellence through optimum utilization of latest advances in technological field. The areas of operation for e-governance mentioned above are illustrative and the institution reserves the right to implement e-governance even in the areas not enlisted above.


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