Academic Council

Higher Education is concerned not only with arming the students with diverse information but also with making them knowledgeable and skilled. An arrangement to maintain and monitor a suitable system in this regard is felt acutely now as has never been before. Institutions that are quality conscious and committed to quality enhancement have set in motion efforts to put in place a mechanism towards the realization of excellence.

Academic council is an academic body charged with planning and execution of academic activities of an Institution so as to deal with the mandatory curriculum within a defined time frame. It also has the responsibility of ensuring enriched learning experience for the student body by an array of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The determination of time slots for the activities outside the curriculum schedule, recommendation for strengthening the learning resources, measures to promote student discipline, student progression, a happy campus experience for them are the primary objective the Academic Council.


1.To revise and approve the content of the value-added courses

2.To frame rules and regulations governing student admission to different programmes of study

3.To arrange for the propagation of student-centered methods of teaching-learning

4.To recommend the increased application of technology in administration and curriculum delivery

5.To make arrangement for the conduct of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities 

6.To recommend for the award of stipends, scholarships, medals and prizes to the students.

7.To create an environment conducive for skill development

8.To provide guidance, training and placement services

9.To make arrangements for the conduct of tests and internal assessment examinations

10.To promote research culture 

11.To form various Committees for the smooth conduct of the college activities

12.To collaborate with other academic institutes and industry

13.To supervise the working of the Central Library of the college.

14.To supervise the facilities in the Hostels

15.To ensure student discipline

16.To review all the activities of the Institute and make recommendations for improvement

17.To recommend the Management offer new programmes of study

18.To prepare a plan of action for ensuing academic year

Composition- The Academic Council consists of:

1.      Principal - Chairman

2.      Co-ordinator IQAC - Member Secretary

3.      Vice Principal

4.      Head of Subject Departments

Academic Council
Rev Dr Antony Prakash Monteiro
Assistant Professor
Dr A P Radhakrishna
Member Secretary
Associate Professor

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