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Copyright Policy

1) Only with previous approval from the appropriate authority who owns the website, by email, may information featured on this website be freely republished in any media. (Mailing address: [email protected])

2) Information may be reposted as long as it is current and not twisted or misrepresented.

3) The source must be clearly cited wherever the information is published or recommended to others.

4)The right to reproduce this material does not, however, apply to any content on this site that is expressly acknowledged to be the property of a third party.


1) The institution uses commercial software programmes to monitor network traffic in order to identify unauthorised attempts to upload or edit information or otherwise cause damage. This is done for site security concerns and to guarantee that this service is still available to all users.

2) Unauthorized uses of this service are strictly forbidden and may result in penalties under the Indian IT Act (2000).

Return policy:Once the payment is done refund cannot be claimed

Refund:The refund money will be transferred to the bank account as per the cancelled cheque leaf submitted at the time of counseling/admission after consulting Principal.

Cancellation policy:Request for cancellation of admission must be submitted only through ofline mode. Request for cancellation through email/posts/letter etc will not be entertained.

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