Campus Infrastructure

The institution believes in optimal utilization of resources and facilities. Various Committees such as Timetable committee, Sports Advisory Committee, Library Advisory Committee, IT Club, and Science Forum are formed to plan and ensure optimal utilization of resources and facilities. 

The Campus Director oversees the maintenance of buildings, classrooms and laboratories, cleanliness of the campus and ensures the smooth functioning of the college. Periodic inspection of infrastructure status is carried out to know the items to be replenished or to be replaced. Infrastructure facilities, services and maintenance of equipments are performed through the service contracts. Service personnel like Civil Contractor, Electrical Contractor, Plumber, Carpenter and Curator carry out the repair work whenever required. The buildings are painted at regular intervals. The equipments and materials in the laboratories, library, seminar halls, auditorium, and sports section are kept in good working conditions for which there are technical staff. The College has power generator facility to ensure unlimited power supply. To ensure a continuous supply of water there are independent tube wells for the college, hostel for men and women with individual pumps. Moreover, water harvesting is done to strengthen the Water supply chain.

Laboratory: The Head of the Department maintains stock register and the records of the Laboratory equipment and ensures its proper maintenance through Lab technician. To protect the sensitive instruments in the Laboratories from the possible voltage fluctuations and power failure, voltage stabilizers and UPS system have been appended.

Sports:  The College has Sports Advisory Committee, which helps the Physical Education Director in the conduct of various tournaments and sports events.  The expansive playground consisting of 400 meters running track, Football, Hockey Grounds, separate Kabaddi and  Basket Ball court, Weight Lifting and Multi Gym along with other sports facilities are used for the tournaments conducted by the College and various service organizations like Rotary Club, Lions Club, Jaycees, etc., and Government departments such as Police and Education. The local sports-persons avail the Multi-gym and other sports facilities. The Athletic ground is also used to conduct inter-collegiate, state and inter-varsity meets. Regular maintenance of the play area is conducted under the supervision of Physical Education Director.

Computers:  The institution is having adequate number of computers and IT facilities including Wi-Fi at specific areas of the campus like college office, college library, seminar halls, and staff rooms. The internet is accessible though LAN and Wi-Fi facility at the respective areas of the college. The college office comprises of 12 computers each one with internet access facility, Computer Laboratory are installed with Internet Access -BSNL FTTH Internet through 24 port switch of speed 50 Mbps . Regular maintenance of computer laboratories is done by Technical Assistant.


Library: The Routine activities of the Library are managed by the Librarian with the help of other Library Staff. There is a Library Advisory Committee, which help and supervise the smooth functioning of the Library. The Committee meets in the beginning of academic year under the Chairmanship of the Principal to finalize the Department wise allocation of Library Budget and planning of the Library activities. The Library obtains the feedback from the Students and efforts are made to implement user’s suggestions.

Class rooms: The class teachers and head of departments follow up the cleanliness and comfort of the classrooms. Out of 57 rooms in the institution, 31 are ICT enabled. Other than classrooms, there are rooms provided as waiting room, IQAC room, canteen, staff room, principal chamber, office room, NSS, NCC room, health centre, audio visual hall etc.

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