Workshop on Enterpreneurship Development

Dept of BBA in association with the training and placement cell of the college organized a workshop on Enterpreneurship development. Mr Vijith Shetty, Proprietor, Nuts and Gains in India was the resource person. In his address he said “Entrepreneurship development is progressively becoming quite significant for the economic growth of developing countires like India. The economy is stimulated by new businesses and innovative start-ups. In order to create something new and helpful, resources are dedicated to novel opportunities and market shortages. It is absolutely necessary to create appropriate policies to address the new issues so that current issues can be resolved”.  The workshop focused on how to instill in participants both basic and specialized approaches to entrepreneurial development. The pedagogy attempts to develop the abilities needed for entrepreneurship and effectively managing it. The participants will learn how to create, develop, and execute creative initiatives stage by stage. The concepts such as Entrepreneur, Manager, Characteristics of a successful Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurial functions, Entrepreneurial types, Other Classifications, Matching situational requirements & types entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship in India,  Rural Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Business Opportunities were covered in the workshop. Dr Radhakrishna Gowda, Dean and HoD, BBA, welcomed and inroduced the resource person, Pratheek Rai of Final BBA proposed a vote of thanks. 150 students of BBA attended the workshop.

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