‘Chandraanveshane’- A Sky Watch Program at Kedambady Adopted Village

In collaboration with Kedambady Gram Panchayath, the St Philomena Amateur Astronomers Club (SPAAC) organized the'Chandraanveshane', - a sky watch program at Higher Primary School, Thingalady on 28 January 2024. The event, aimed at cultivating an interest in astronomy among students and the general public of Kedambady Village, an adopted village of St Philomena College, Puttur, proved to be a resounding success.

Dr A.P. Radhakrishna, Retired Vice Principal of the College, served as the distinguished resource person for the program. His enlightening lectures covered various astronomical phenomena, including the origins of Earth and Moon, the Chandrayan mission, and the crucial role of artificial satellites in our daily lives.

The highlight of the program was the observation of the full moon in its entirety and its craters through state-of-the-art telescope.  SPAAC Club members, including Dr Chandrashekhar K., Mr Vipin Naik, Mr Abhishek Suvarna, Mr Sujith S., Mr Naveen D ‘Souza, and Mrs Prathibha K., collaborated to make the event a memorable experience for all the onlookers.

The program magnificently achieved its objective of instilling curiosity and interest in astronomy among students, offering them comprehensive insights into various celestial phenomena. Furthermore, it aimed at promoting scientific awareness and education within the community.

Rev.Dr Antony Prakash Monteiro, Principal of the College, graced the occasion with introductory remarks.  The event was also graced by the presence of Sujatha N., Gram Panchayat President, Ajith G.K., PDO, and members of the SDMC.


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