MSc Physics: Report on programme recorded at akaashavani

Students participated in the recording of a drama on the occasion of Hiroshima Day and also recorded an individual talk on different topics at Akaashavani, Mangaluru. The recording was done in the AIR studio on 21/07/2022.

The drama was regarding the adverse effects, which is a sequel even now, as a result of the atomic bomb blast tragedy that took place on 9th August 1945.

The problems faced by the civilians there at present are briefed out in the form of a skit where a young girl having lots of dreams in her mind is suffering from cancer because of this bomb blast that took place long ago. The war between countries led to a never-ending trauma in the lives of people, which they are suffering even now due to genetic mutations caused by nuclear radiation.

Ms Anagha R., Ms Ananya Rai, Ms Bhavya D’Souza, Ms Kavyashree B., Ms Nalini M., Ms Pallavi Bekal, Mr Pawan Nayak N., Ms Pramitha D., Ms Radhika K.R., Ms Sampreetha B., Ms Savitha M.S., Ms Shraddha H.S., Ms Shubha Laxmi, Ms Sneha S. Rao, Mr Srivaths B.S. were the participants in the drama "Hiroshima and the inheritance of trauma". The programme has to be telecasted on AIR Akashavani Mangalore.

There were talks on individual topics for 15 minutes each, where students took part enthusiastically to express their ideas and views.

Ms. Savitha M.S. gave a talk on "aati da aacharanel tulu naduta samskriti" in the Tulu language, where she presented Kudla festive culture gloriously.

Ms Pallavi Bekal gave a talk on the trending science topic "rocket science" in English, which explored present developments in the field.

Ms Shubhalaxmi gave a talk on "Kannada bashe mattu sahitya" in Kannada where she explained the essence of the Kannada language and literature.

The faculty members of the department encouraged and guided the students in these activities. The students presented these galvanic programmes (skit and individual talks) to bring knowledge and awareness to society. The programme will soon be telecast on AIR.

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