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The alumni association of any institution serves as a vital conduit between the institution and its senior students and works toward bridging the institution's past and contemporary happenings. Every student owes a debt of gratitude to the institution that helps mould his or her life, and it is a bounden responsibility on their part to work for the betterment of the Institution.

This results in a form of reciprocity when the student completes graduation from college and assumes a prominent position in the society. An emotional bond gets developed as it is learnt from the senior students' attitude towards the alma -mater.

Planning and organising various programmes to equip the students to face the challenges in the job market activities such as lecture programmes, debates, sporting events, literary and cultural events etc the senior students' organisation can support the growth of the institution while also creating harmony and camaraderie amongst former and current students.

The St Philomena College Alumni Association was formally founded on September 26, 1980, with these goals in mind. Even though there had been no such Association for roughly 22 years prior to 1980, Alumni were still actively taking part in College Annual Day celebrations, sporting events, and other cultural activities. It is commendable that the teaching and administrative staff of the college comprises a significant number of Alumni.

The first executive committee of the Alumni Association of St Philomena College is as follows -
Designation Name
President Prof. Arthikaje
Vice President 1 Dr O J Palanna
Vice President 2 Ms Shanthakumari
Secretary Mr Vilfred DSouza
Joint Secretary Ms Silvia DSouza
Treasurer Mr William Rodrigues

The administration chose to give the organisation legal status in 2022 after receiving fairly considerable contributions. The association was officially registered on September 2, 2022, under THE KARNATAKA SOCIETIES REGISTRATION ACT, 1960, under the name ALUMNI ASSOCIATION ST PHILOMENA COLLEGE, PUTTUR (AASPC)

Executive Committee
A. J. Rai
Thejaswi Bhat K
Assistant Professor
Abhishek Suvarna
Assistant Professor
Mr Nataraj N S
Mrs Harini Putturaya
Joint- Secretary
Mrs Prathima Hegde
Mr Sunil Shetty
Mr Dambekana Sadhashiva Rai
Mr Santhosh Moras

Former Presidents of Alumni Association
Sl.No. Name Period
1 Prof.V.B.Arthikaje 1980-1983
2 Mr.K.Shivashankara Bhat 1983-1988
3 Mr.Isaq Khan 1988-1991
4 Mr.K.Ganapathi Nayak 1991-1993
5 Mr.K.Suresh Shetty 1993-1995
6 Mr.K.Vishwanath Nayak 1995-1997
7 Mr.N.K.Jagannivasa Rao 1997-2003
8 Mr.Chidananda Bailadi 2003-2005
9 Mr.K Fazlul Raheem 2005-2007
10 Mr.John Cutinho 2007-2010
11 Mr.Niranjan Rai 2010-2012
12 Mr.CA Gangadhar P 2012-2014
13 Mr.Jayakumar Rai M 2014-2017
14 Mr.N Jairaj Bhandary 2017-2019
15 Mr.A J Rai 2019-2020

Former Secretaries of Alumni Association
Sl.No. Name Period
1 Mr.Willfred D'Souza 1980-1981
2 Prof.Ramakrishna Peruvaje 1881-1983
3 1881-1983 1983-1988
4 Prof.S.Ishwara Bhat 1988-1991
5 Prof.Harinarayana Madavu 1991-1993
6 Prof.K.Annaji Rao 1993-1995
7 Mr.Subair 1995-1997
8 Mr.Vijaya Kumar Moleyar 1997-2003
9 Dr.K.Prasanna Rai 2005-2007
10 Prof.N.Suresh Rao 2007-2010
11 Mr.Prasanna Kumar 2010-2012
12 Mr.Prasanna Kumar 2012-2014
13 Mr.Bharath Kumar A 2014-2017
14 Mr.Vinayachandra 2017-2019
15 Dr Chandrashekar K 2019-2020

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